Coffee Roaster: George Howell Coffee
Espresso  Ristretto double shot
Americano  Espresso & hot water
Macchiatto  Espresso and dollop foam
Cortado  Equal parts espresso and steamed milk
Cappuccino  Espresso, milk, and foam
Latte  Espresso and steamed milk
Maple Breve  Latte with maple syrup and half & half
Café Mocha  Latte with house-made chocolate sauce
Pour Over Coffee  Coffee made by the cup
French Roast (Dark)
Vienna Roast (Medium)
Terroir Single Origins (Light & Medium)



Iced Coffee  George Howell Vienna Roast
Cold Brew  24 hour cold brew extraction
Iced Mocha  Cold brew iced coffee with milk and house-made chocolate syrup
Iced Café Mocha  Espresso with milk and house-made chocolate syrup
Cà Phê (Vietnamese Iced Coffee)  Cold brew iced coffee and sweetened condensed milk
Affogato  Espresso over vanilla ice cream
Kid's Chocolate Milk


Mexican Style Drinking Chocolate (dairy free)  Thick drinking chocolate spiced with cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and cayenne
Mexican Hot Cocoa  Steamed milk with a shot of drinking chocolate
New England Style Hot Cocoa  Traditional hot cocoa with a richer twist, served with optional whipped cream
Hot Chocolatte  Espresso and hot chocolate 


Chai Latte  Black tea, chai spices, honey & milk
Hug in a Mug  Hot water, freshly squeezed apple, lemon & ginger juices, cinnamon and agave
Hot Shot  Pure ginger juice & cayenne pepper
Oliver & Pluff Tea Collection  Assorted black, green & herbal varieties  


Chocolate or Vanilla Pop  Old fashioned vanilla or chocolate ice cream dipped in chocolate
Cape Cod Red Brew Pop  Malted chocolate ice cream, dipped in chocolate, Cape Cod Beer Peanut Brittle
Truro Vineyards Cranberry Pop  Cranberry ice cream, dipped in chocolate, Hole in One granola
Twenty Boat Rum Raisin Pop Rum raisin ice cream, dipped in white chocolate, drizzled with Chequessett Chocolate
Buzz Pop Espresso frozen yogurt made from the Art of Roasting's Sumatra, coffee coating, and chocolate covered espresso beans
Salted Caramel Pretzel Pop Salted caramel frozen yogurt, dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with local sea salt


  • Limited edition bars only available at the factory
  • Limited edition confections including chocolate barks, housemade candy bars, bon bons and more
  • George Howell coffee by the bag
  • Cacao Nibs and Beans (raw or roasted)
  • Hot Chocolate Mixes
  • Lots of other great locally made products from around the Cape!