For a long time, certifications for responsible practices and awards for superior taste have remained distinct – one honors social and environmental responsibility, while the other celebrates craftsmanship and flavor. The Good Food Awards recognizes that truly good food – the kind that brings people together and builds strong, healthy communities – contains all of these ingredients.

Autentic, Tasty & Responsible

The Good Foods Foundation celebrates and empowers foodmakers whose creations often go overlooked. Their finalists and award-winners make authentic, tasty, and responsible food.

Forging a New Food System

Celebrating makers who are humanizing and reforming our American food culture. From over 2,000 entries each year, three food-crafters from each category receive recognition for one of their creations.


Costa Esmeraldas Bar

Chequessett Chocolate was a Good Food Award finalist in 2020 for our single-origin 72% dark COSTA ESMERALDAS. This chocolate was made with cacao sourced from Ecuador from the Single Family Estate Costa Esmeraldas . 

White Lemon Thyme Bar

Our WHITE LEMON THYME bar—a creamy chartreuse colored white chocolate infused with a perfectly balanced blend of herb and citrus flavors—won a Good Food Award in 2020.  

White chocolate as never experienced before. Our award-winning concoction features rich white chocolate made from organic Humbolt Creamery milk with an uplifting burst of lemony citrus and herbal thyme undertones. With its chartreuse appearance, this bar is both delicious and visually stunning.


The International Chocolate Awards is an independent competition celebrating excellence in chocolate-making. Founded in 2012 by a coalition of experienced chocolate-tasters from around the world, this award celebrates the hard work and dedication involved in bean-to-bar chocolate. Winners are picked from all over the globe in categories such as best single-origin bar and best inclusion bar.  

Celebrating the World's Finest

By making consumers more aware of the hard work and craft that goes into the best fine chocolate products, the International Chocolate Awards helps the fine chocolate industry to grow and develop in established regions as well as new markets.

White Lemon Thyme Bar

A dual award winner, WHITE LEMON THYME  also placed Gold in White Chocolate Infusion Bars for America in the International Chocolate Awards.


Monomoy Mochacchino Bar

One of our favorites MONOMOY MOCHACCINO pairs our passions, chocolate and coffee. This bar is made with coffee sourced from the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica. It is no wonder it won Bronze in the World Finals.

Sconset Brown Butter Sage Bar

Our SCONSET BROWN BUTTER SAGE bar—a savory bar that combines the nutty caramel flavor of browned butter with the bright notes of sage — won Bronze in the Chocolate Awards World Final.

This 3 bar set celebrates our 2021 International Chocolate Award winners with the following chocolate set: - Sconset Brown Butter Sage - 52% Dark - White Lemon Thyme - 32% Dark - Monomoy Mochaccino - 60% Dark These 3 bars showcase unique, memorable chocolate infusions. Combining the rich, nutty flavor of browned butter with bright sage notes, the Sconset Brown Butter Sage bar is perfect for chocolate lovers hoping to elevate their chocolate experience. 

The award-winning White Lemon Thyme bar re-imagines white chocolate, blending an organic Humbolt Creamery milk with a zesty mix of thyme and lemon. A collaboration with Boston coffee roaster George Howell, the Monomoy Mochaccino bar features coffee beans from Tarrazú, Costa Rica and 60% dark milk chocolate to create a silky, decadent coffee chocolate bar.