Chequessett Chocolate

Fruit and Nuts Gift Box


This gift box combines some of our favorite curated sweet treats and nautical-inspired gifts packaged and ready for gifting! This box contains: 

  • Chequessett Chocolate Sconset Sage Bar
  • OmNom Sea Salted Almonds Bar
  • Manoa Mai'a Banana Bar
  • Ritual Camino Verde Ecuador Bar
  • Mirzam Dark Chocolate Dates Box
  • Mayana Mini Bar
  • Wild Wander Oyster Pin
  • Chequessett Chocolate Sconset Sage Bar: This bar has a unique flavor profile that combines the rich, dark chocolate with the earthy, herbal notes of sage and other spices, creating a delicious, and savory chocolate experience.
  • OmNom Sea Salted Almonds Bar: This chocolate bar is made by OmNom, an artisanal chocolate maker based in Reykjavik, Iceland. It features a combination of crunchy roasted almonds and flakes of sea salt, mixed into a rich, smooth dark chocolate. The result is a satisfying balance of sweet and salty flavors that is sure to please any chocolate lover.
  • Manoa Mai'a Banana Bar: Created by Manoa Chocolate, a small-batch chocolate maker based in Kailua, Hawaii, this chocolate bar is made with organic, fair-trade cacao and organic, locally-sourced bananas. It is a deliciously fruity and tropical flavor that is perfect for those who love to experiment with new and interesting chocolate flavors.
  • Ritual Camino Verde Ecuador Made by Ritual Chocolate, a craft chocolate maker based in Park City, Utah, this chocolate bar is made with single-origin cacao beans from the Camino Verde farm in Ecuador. The chocolate has a complex flavor profile, with notes of cherry, tobacco, and honey, and a smooth, creamy texture that melts in your mouth. 
  • Mirzam Dark Chocolate Dates Box: This unique and indulgent treat is made by Mirzam Chocolate, a small-batch chocolate maker based in Dubai, UAE. The box contains a selection of dates that have been coated in rich, dark chocolate, creating a sweet and decadent snack, perfect for sharing.
  • Mayana Mini Bar: Made by Mayana Chocolate, a small-batch chocolate maker based in Spooner, Wisconsin, this mini bar is packed with a variety of flavorful ingredients, such as passionfruit and vanilla bean. The chocolate is smooth and creamy, with a range of flavors that come together to create a truly unique and satisfying experience.
  • Wild Wander Oyster Pin: This playful and whimsical pin is made by The Wild Wander, a company that creates natural history-inspired paper goods and gifts featuring the original artwork of Richmond, Virginia-based illustrator Clara Cline. The pin features a small oyster shell.

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