Lola's Local Food Lab: Chequessett Char Rub

Lola's Local Food Lab Spice Rubs are Back! Choose one or try them both out:
No.1 Universal Magic Dust
Sunny, Saucy, Seductive - the mix that made Lola famous.
This magic blend is delicious on anything and can be used on everything! First you taste the smoke from strong Spanish paprika, next the sweet heat of chile vibrates; the taste of thyme is followed by the sassy pop of mustard and celery seeds. Use as a rub with fresh lime juice and leave to marinate overnight or use on the table in place of salt.
No. 2 Chequessett Char
Bold, rich and savory with an intense, distinctive aroma.
The complex notes of Chequessett Chocolate cacao nibs are a most perfect compliment for greens or something orange (squash, yams, garbanzo beans). This blend was developed for kale, but it is equally good on meat, fowl, heavy white fish or shrimp. Freeze-dried onions and cumin compliment a touch of allspice, adding depth and richness to any dish. Good for chili, nice in brownies or hot cocoa.
We are BIG fans of the Chequessett Char here at Chequessett Chocolate. Top down favorite applications thus far are sweet potato fries tossed in the char and served with homemade sriracha mayo or shrimp rubbed with the char and garnished with lime and cilantro. It's a great thing to have in the pantry when you can't decide how to season something and want that dish to really sing.

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