Sourcing and roasting some of the highest quality coffees available

Coffee Craft-Roasted Daily in Small Batches

A Commitment to Excellence
Our partnership with George Howell Coffee runs throughout Chequessett Chocolate. From serving their coffee in our café to creating a chocolate bar using their single-origin beans, we believe in their mission to provide our customers with the very finest coffees on earth.
Direct Trade Relationships
Located in Acton, MA, George Howell sources coffee from all over the world adhering to strict direct trade principles. The company builds partnerships with their producers, ensuring that each batch of beans meets specialty coffee standards.  is a co-founder of the Cup of Excellence,  which provides a critical vehicle for aspiring farmers to find funding, technical aid and, above all, international recognition in countries where who you know can be the sole determinant of your fate. 
Highlighting Terroir
Founded in 2004 by coffee veteran George Howell, the company’s primary focus is to source, roast, and serve the highest quality coffee available. They share our commitment to single-origin products that highlight the unique climate and craftsmanship involved in an unprocessed crop such as coffee beans or cacao beans. 
A Perfect Blend
Like us, they source from farms who practice social and environmental responsibility. George Howell’s outstanding coffee pairs beautifully with our rich, creamy milk chocolate in the Monomoy Mochachino bar, and we are proud to serve their coffee in our café. 
This award-winning confection pairs two of our passions: delicious, bean-to-bar chocolate and local specialty coffee. Made in collaboration with George Howell, a specialty coffee roaster out of Acton, MA, this bar is bursting with rich, mocha flavor. The coffee—sourced from the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica—brings dark caramel and nutty tasting notes to a 60% dark milk chocolate base.

An eight-mile-long sand island off the southwest side of Chatham, Monomoy is home to diverse wildlife and exciting history. Despite the island's remoteness, it has hosted communities of Wampanoag people, sailors, fishers, and, since 1944, a national wildlife refuge. We celebrate this unique Cape Cod destination with a chocolate bar crafted sustainably sourced ingredients, recognizing the importance of protecting land.


Award Winning, Locally Made Spirits

Truro Vineyards & South Hollow Spirits

Small Batch Spirits Making
Down the road from our North Truro café, South Hollow Spirits hand-crafts rum and gin using 250-gallon copper pots. This distillery—the first on Cape Cod since prohibition—shares our passion for using locally sourced ingredients and protecting the natural environment. 
A History of Rum Runners on Cape Cod
Twenty Boat Rum is their award-winning line of rums inspired by the famous 1930 boat chase where twenty federal boats chased down rum runners heading from Boston to Provincetown.  
Bold Flavors Paired with Milk Chocolate
South Hollow Spirits’ commitment to bold flavor and conscious sourcing makes our Twenty Boat Buttered Rum Bar one of our most exciting offerings. Their spiced rum—a spirit infused with cardamom, vanilla bean, cinnamon, rose hip, anise, lemon peel, orange peel, and allspice from North Truro’s Atlantic Spice Company—combines perfectly with creamy milk chocolate. 
Experience the Best of North Truro
Sharing our passion for fine food and drink in the Outer Cape, we are proud to partner with South Hollow, and we encourage all our customers to visit their distillery in Truro!
This milk chocolate, infused with browned butter and bold, aromatic rum, is a collaboration with South Hollow Spirits, one of our favorite Truro neighbors! Located down the road from our shop, South Hollow's distillery handcrafts rum in small batches using traditional copper pots. They pay homage to Cape Cod bootleggers with Twenty Boat Rum, named after a legendary chase where twenty federal boats pursued scrappy rum runners in the Massachusetts Bay. This bar is a truly local confection that honors Cape Cod's spirits history.