We source our sugar from the Native Green Cane Project in Brazil 

Pioneering New Techniques
Pioneered green cane harvesting (replacing the destructive practice of burning cane fields). Replaced synthetic fertilizers and pesticides with recycled waste streams from production.
Creating Greenways
Planted over 1 million trees to create 11,000 acres of greenways or "biodiversity islands" on its farms to attract beneficial wildlife.
Giving Back to the Surrounding Communities
Installed cogeneration equipment to power the mill and surrounding communities. Implemented many innovative environmental and social programs.
Carbon Footprint
100% Carbon Neutral – from the fields to our warehouses in North America and Europe. Cogeneration alone saves over 25,000 metric tons of CO2 saved per year
More Ouput per Acre
Increased yields vs. conventional cane fields. Higher resistance to drought and pest damage. 
Preserving Biodiversity
23 times the biodiversity of conventional fields, including many rare species.

We are committed to using the highest quality ingredients in our chocolate

Sugarcane, a vital component in creating chocolate, has a historically problematic past. Covering over 65 million acres of land worldwide, sugarcane production often pollutes natural ecosystems, affecting both human and environmental health. Because we rely on sugar to make delicious chocolate, we have partnered with the Native Green Cane Project to ensure that our product is truly sustainable. 

Started in 1987, the Native Green Cane Project established a revolutionary method for cultivating sugarcane in Brazil. They stopped burning sugarcane fields during harvesting, eliminated the use of synthetic pesticides, protected 11,000 acres of land to ensure biodiversity, and initiated social programs for workers in the local community. 

The project is a member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade and a signer of the Biodiversity in Good Company Initiative, guaranteeing that the producers protect the biological variety of plants on the land. Beyond cultivation, the mills that process Native’s sugar are energy self-sufficient. Waste by-products from sugar is safely converted to electricity that powers the mill. Excess energy from this process is sold to the local power grid. Although this ingredient can go unnoticed, sugar sourced from the Native Green Cane Project makes our chocolate delicious and sustainable.  

Marvin McKinney

Founder & CEO